25 July 2016


it is summertime, and some sewing still takes place:

a pink & green take on a previous made quilt. This is a gift to be.

Had some luck harvesting red currants, raspberries, red gooseberries and black currants yesterday. A taste of summer...

; )

26 May 2016


just a couple of snapshots of quilts in use:

  • madame butterfly resting on an ongoing wip: slow hand quilting progress

  • reading time in the hammock time with a book and lovely half shadow half sun...

; )

enjoying some sunny days

08 May 2016

sunday morning

designwall in the dining room

wip - slowly but surely

; )

01 May 2016

al fresco

An outdoor photoshoot on a sunny and windy spring day. Quilt dancing in the wind. The intense green of the first leaves paired with the yellow green colors in the quilt. Lovely day - lovely quilt!

This is another one in my heartstring series, and I will call this "hope springs eternal / håpet er lysegrønt". It measures 60" * 72", and is longarm-quilted on hobbs thermore and gifted to a young man celebrating his special day today.

These string blocks are simple, but fun to make. I used a lot of my blue fabric precut into 2.5" strips and added thin strings of contrasting colors. Emptying out the long saved selvage strips, just cutting away the thicker selvage part. If that makes any sense. As a result, this one is a library of fabric used over many years. And that is probably part of why parting with this one feels particularly painful.

It was fun bringing the quilt outside for the pictures. I want to do that some more. Colors and light go together, really they depend on each other.

; )

And spring is greening up on the outside, here, day by day. Happy sewing!

17 April 2016


Photoshoot on a windy afternoon. Stargazing with Amy finishes at 28" * 36", quilted with perle cotton on Quilters Dream Request batting using big baptist fan stencil to mark the quilting lines.

The blocks are made of spare parts from a previous quilt: Sizzix stars. They are purposely fragmented with star points swapped between them. Dark on light background and the other way around. Quite playful or chaotic, depending on the observer... 

I think of this as a sketch, wanting to experiment with other colorways and other fabrics than quilting cottons. Another result from emptying out the boxes of pre-cuts, wip's and ufo's. That's the theme of 2016 for me so far...

; )

Happy stitching to all!

31 March 2016

longing for spring

This spring I keep looking through wip boxes, and one of them contained a fair amount of 2.5" strips in pastell colors from maybe 2 years ago. So I decided to move along and empty out the box.

These 16 patch blocks ends up a square 8", and I was aiming for a 64" by 80" layout. Easy piecing, but still a bit of puzzle to find a good balance and nice contrast in the final top. 
A few pastell marzipan eggs was consumed during constructions, as may be expected of a easter time endevour as this... Appropriate, I would say, as they were an important part of the inspiration regarding the color palette. 

Did you ever make a quilt inspired by a favourite snack or sweets?

; )

26 February 2016

fiesta, forever...

A few snap shots of  my fiesta, forever... from a freezing outdoor photoshoot. The quilt is big, 64" * 80" using quilters dream poly batting and a fun alexander henry print as a back. Not easy to capture in good light this time of the year.  More lively in real life than in these pictures, I'd say...

This has been a long term scrappy project, based on the lovely pattern scrapper's delight from the book sunday morning quilts. It is a mix of blocks with very random strips of colors, and blocks with more coordinated colors. As I was putting this wip up on my design wall after finishing ziggy stardust (previous post), the inspiration hit to try a similar layout. 

Some of these blocks have had several different tryouts for other layouts over time, some are freshly made for this one. A lucky find of light blue solid from stash pulled it all together. The back has been waiting patiently in stash, too. It's a mexican themed dia del morte, fun print. (There's a little showing in the middle picture, above.) As much as I would like this one quilted on a long arm, I decided to try it myself. ( The back was not big enough for the extra inches needed to attach it to the long arm.) So, using all the different colors of thread to quilt the different colored strips I took my time and quilted it over several days, a few hours at a time. 

Happy with the result. The vivid colors complement the "fastelaven" (norwegian custom similar to carnival season) and easter season both. A good dose of colors are just what I need this time of year.

; )