06 April 2008

Flea marked find

Some flowers in a pot outside - a mini garden in april. Love the feeling of spring that you get on a sunny day like today.

Yesterday I saw a sign saying flea marked, and desided to look inside. Looking through old and new clothes I filled a plastic bag and payed about $4.00. A few plaid shirts for cutting up, and then strips of white fabric found among old curtains. I have been wanting to make a white quilt for some time, to use as a backdrop for displaying smaller quilts. Wait and see - I'll show pictures to show you what I mean once the white quilt is done. Using my flea marked find and some small pieces of fabric that was laying around I could piece together both backing and top. The quilt is ca 24" wide, and tall... I basted it and started quilting.
Now, all I need is a binding. Can I use the white sateen that I found yesterday, or should I go for some sturdy cotton? Hmm... I'll see. Look forward to show a picture of this quilt an the wall displaying the quilt of the day, the week, or maybe something else.


qusic said...

a white quilt, great idea, I have old linens from my grandma.....
thank you very much for your kind comment to my red-post. I can show only snippets of THE quilt until it is shown and judged at the Open European Quilt Championships in Eindhoven NL in May where it has been accepted. But it will be revealed immediately afterwards and I plan to do a quiltalong for such a quilt.
p.s.White satin would look delicious as a binding.

Michelle said...

Pretty daffodils, I can't wait for spring to finally get here! I like your idea for a white quilt backdrop for smaller quilts. The will "pop" out on display.

Ravenhill said...

Your project sounds most exciting! I am looking forward to the revealing of it! How lovely to find those great things at the flea market.