27 July 2008

rasberry 9 patch and a summerholiday blog break

Summertime .... picking berries .... and eating them too!!! Rasberries turned into jam on freshly made vafler (norwegian version). A favourite treat in this house.

Today it's 6 months since my first post. And I am so happy for discovering the inspiration, the sharing of kreativity and kindness in blogland!

I just wanted to say I'll be gone on vacation for a month and don't expect to be doing any blogging until september. But I'll be hunting and gathering fabric and inspiration, and hopefully some nice pictures to share too. So if my 4SQS is arriving here later than 29 of july, I will not be able to enjoy it or blog about it in a while - sorry about that.

So until then - treat yourself with some of your summer favourites.


lil said...

have a nice vacation and come bach with plenty of ideas

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely holiday;)