24 July 2008

summer class

I started a quilt called Cuppaz by Jan Mullen years ago. These unfinished blocks have been laying around for a long time now. Inspired by Tonya's Summer class I desided to give it a try - piecing letters to complement the blocks. After a lot of different layouts had been tested it ended up like this:
For now the top is basted. Not sure how to quilt it yet. It was fun making the letters - got to make more of those. Designing as you go is also a good choise, espesially with old and abandoned blocks like these. Still can't believe they're actually put into a quilt after all this time...


lil said...

tea for 2 and 2 blue cups at the bottom, funny with the letters
but I especially love that red background
you know, I'm a red girl

nettie said...

wow! this quilt is so great! (I love orange and blue too). I can't believe I haven't ever visited your blog before. Your quilts are just lovely.