24 May 2009

6 of 5

This weekend I had a little sandwich party:

And then a quilting feast (or beast?) This quilt is now heavily quilted with leaf shapes on a thin polyester batting. The thin batting made it quite challeging to find the right thread tension!

I am now handstitching the binding, a Michal James fabric from my stash that was a perfect colormatch... This will be my birthday present, a bit late. Love it, a nice summer quilt. I don't have any name for it yet. Any suggestions?
And yes, it is 6 of 5, using the backing from here.

And I want to share a picture from my garden. The tulips are pretty even if it is their very final stage. These are nice and quite tall flowers. I only have a few, and they where even fewer after "Venus the menace" started jumping for them.
Happy stitching, everyone.


Kari Anne said...

Lekker quilting! :o)

Hilsen fra Kari Anne

Andi said...

Stunning fabric selection.
Love the colour combos.
Andi :-)

laura said...

Gypsy Rose Lee-
"rose" pinks and rosy colors
and after all she was a "stripper"
love the colors, they are some of my favs.

una quilter said...

Hey! You're fast! Producing loveliness on a row:) I love the colors. How about 'Orange Popsicles'?
Even though I notice few oranges in there, the overall impression in my eyes is that color. Beautiful!

Yes, tulips have a certain grace long after they are fresh, don't they! I am not certain, but I think it was Matisse that loved almost shriveling tulips, and portrayed them! Have a wonderful week. Una


I really love your quilt! The colors are so vibrant, and the quilting looks fabulous!


Clare said...

Summer Pudding. It reminds me of raspberries and summer fruits.

Janet said...

I love how you put fabrics nad colours together, it's very lovely with the quilting done.

Katy said...

you're on fire!!! How on Earth do you manage to quilt them all so beautifully, yet so fast?

It reminds me of a fruit salad - all of the delicious fruity colours. Beautiful.

cher said...

great quilting-very nice machine work

shellysquilts said...

Well done! I love pink and yellow and your quilting looks great!

Rachel said...

I love the orange an pink together. Very simple pattern but stunning!