10 July 2009

a wip

Added a few of these patriotic 6" paper pieced stars this week. I have used my EQ6 for the foundations. I think it is more than a year ago since I pieced the first ones. So it is a slow wip. I love star blocks and this is a way to make some of them myself. 6" blocks are quite small, maybe 9" or even 12" would be a better choice?


Karen said...

Lovely stars.

Becky said...

Lovely stars, I'm also a star fanatic. If you sew 4 of your small squares together you can make others in the 12" size and mix them together, or if you want a bit of a challenge, use just 2 to a row and you can offset a 12" setting. If you have access to Alex Anderson's simply stars, you can see how she uses both sizes to make a quilt.