29 September 2009

and another wip

I have started putting together the top for my Scrappy Swap Christmas Hedgerow blocks. 6 of them are swapped from Nicole, Melissa D and Leisel and 6 of them are made by me.

Putting them up on the "design wall" and playing around a bit, I decided to make scrappy strippy borders out of the rest of my strings that were cut for the blocks. Starting out, I just alternated light and dark strips.

Then I sped up the progress by using longer strips, sewing 10 into one strata that got sliced into three 5" pieces. These three pieces was placed next to each other on the design wall with one open stripe between them. Quite happy with the repetition this provided, I continued doing so. One strata for each of the 4 sides. Spreading these out around the center, I then added the green strips to bind it all together. This "design as you go" worked out like a charm this time.
I guess this "controlled randomness" is a compromise between very scrappy, and very organized, and suits me very well.

The sashing is next. Think I'll go for solid white Kona cotton. If you feel up for some more pictures to get you in a mood for Christmas, there is more pictures of these swap blocks in the flickr group over here.

This is the first quilt I'll make with blocks from a swap. It was great fun and I am very happy to look at these pretty blocks - thank you ladies!!!

Anybody else started thinking about Christmas, yet?


Katy said...

I started putting mine together this week too! I haven't sashed them, but I do need to add borders. Hopefully this week, or maybe next.
I wasn't sure if I would like how scrappy it looked at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it!
And I started on a second christmas quilt for a friend, and just started cutting out a quilt for my parent's christmas present. Christmas is well under way here!!!!

Oh - I love your quilt, it's looking lovely!

True Blue Nana said...

Your work is always creative and fun. Great job!

Nicole said...

I love it!!!

Mrs Moen said...

Beautiful Christmas quilt, Marit; the scrappy border looks great!

And yes; I'm making great progress with my quilted Christmas gifts this year; hopefully I'll have them all done within the next month.

beth said...

I love your quilt. I also received some blocks in this swap, so you've given me great inspiration! thank you!

Karen said...

Wonderful blocks! And, no, Christmas is not in my thoughts yet!

Allie said...

What a wonderful quilt! I love your method - I'll have to adopt it. Too much random and I lose my mind, too much organization and I can't keep up.
Christmas? No. I'm in denial.

KathieB said...

Love this very happy holiday quilt!