03 December 2009

a quickie

Did some cutting last night, from my whole 30's stash i made some fat 1/8ths: 9" by 21".
They will be part of a swap. So I was left with the remains of those strips, and they must have been in the back of my mind... Today after dinner I decided to try out a new design.

16 remaining strips in 5 rows

sewing the strips

cutting a few strips in 6.5" + 2.5" and a few in 2* 4.5"

rearranging on the batting

and sewing together all the strips

The top was done in less than two hours. And I like it. A utility quilt top, quite girly...

Very poor light - sorry about that.... But you get the idea. The top is about 40" * 55".
I am sure this will work well in different style fabric and colorscheme. Fun and easy. A quickly made christmas gift? (OK - I know I have to quilt it, too..)


Katy said...

lovely! A great quick christmas gift - nice work!!!!

Mrs Moen said...

Great to see the design evolve picture by picture. The light is horrible these days, isn't it, only a few hours of proper light a day!

Leslie said...

gorgeous. i love the reproduction prints!!

True Blue Nana said...

You are so busy these days. You make the rest of us feel lazy! That's ok you are young and full of energy. I love this idea. Wouldn't it make a great baby quilt, quick and easy?