16 September 2010

madness ...

Madness in a good way - I hope...

Some friends from my guild is planning a trip to Tokyo for the 2011 Quilt show. They were lucky enough to have a workshop with Yoko Saito in Norway this spring, and now they are preparing for their next big adventure.

I would love to come along.

But, since that is not likely to happen, I though I like to help them out with their planning. A map of the Tokyo subway would be handy - don't you think?

; )

How very convenient that Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! is sharing her wonderful creation:

25 blocks of 64 pieces equals 1 600 little (2") squares to be lined up.

That's the madness part of it. Or the perfect opportunity to work on improving my 1/4" seam allowance. I made one adjustment, using 2.5" squares, aiming for a 64" by 80" top, with a back-up plan of 32" by 80" wall quilt.

Somebody once asked me if all my corners match. The answer is a definite NO. I can assure you there's no chance they ever will. Not all of them, anyway. Is that a reason not to make this great quilt?

In my opinion, it's not.

So far, so good...

Inspired by this very quilt, I made my first block for Kerry in the Ringo Pie patchwork bee:

Kerry is the first host and her theme is collecting / hoarding. So how can I relate to that, what am I collecting? You guessed right - fabric! I managed to put a few favorites into the mix of 36 2" squares.

I am so much looking forward to play with all of the creative ladies and their choice of themes!

Back to the madness part. Is it about collecting fabric?
Or is it about starting something new? When you have lots of wip's and ufo's.

Not sure. Maybe a bit of both?

Have fun with your fabric...

; )


Clare said...

The madness part is buying the fabric in the first place. If we didn't buy it we wouldn't be able to create.

Thank goodness there is someone out there whose corners don't match.

Love the Tokyo Subway quilt.

nicolette said...

The Tokyo Subway quilt is amazing. I’ve seen it on Elizabeth’s blog and felt inspired to search for more subway maps. Great source of inspiration!

My madness is starting new projects over and over again and not finishing others. I think everyone who collects something, fabrics, cd‘s, books or clothes suffer from some kind of madness. I managed to leave a quiltstore the other day without buying anything, but I felt kind of quilty.

Nifty Quilts said...

You have lots of fun fabric, and I love what you're doing with it!

ayumills said...

Your Tokyo Map quilt is looking really nice! I don't know why you say corners are not matching because it looks like they are matched perfectly! And your block for Kerry is just so creative and beautiful!

Kerry said...

I was so impressed at how your corners matched in the block picture, I can see you have been having lots of practice with little squares. I love the Subway project- have been following it on Oh Franson- yours looks fantastic!

liz said...

I'm not surprised you're following the Tokyo Subway Quilt. It's so fresh and fun. I'm not starting it till I have finished a UFO, but I am putting it down on graph paper. Colouring in the little squares is so much faster than sewing them. Even then, my points aren't perfect!

Janet said...

What a shame you couldn't go but this is going to be a nice consolation. Your quilting bee sounds like it's going to be fun.

Sonja♥ said...

1600 squares to be lined up??!!!
Yes, that's madness;)))
All the best!!!

Mari said...

Har også sett på dette, men er veeeldig usikker på om jeg orker å begynne på det. Men er veldig fristet for det er jo et fantastisk flott design.
Flotte stoffer du har funnet.
Kanskje det blir et tog til Tokyo..