02 February 2008

On a rainy day

I have started working on a new quilt - on a rainy day. This time of the year is dark, cold and wet around here, and I feel the need for colour. I like these 5" charm packs, and have tried to come up with good design ideas for how to use them. Well, sometimes simple works for me...

I have cut the 5" charms in two lenghtwise, and added a grid of 1.0" solid white strips vertikal and 1.5" solid whitw strips horisontal. I really love these colourful 30´s prints!!! They are so cheerful, make me smile. I have finished the top at about 47" x 70". I am not sure how to quilt i though - any good ideas ???

I want to find some nice backing for it, too. Maybe something with a lot of white? I am conserned that dark fabric will show through... Hmm I guess I will take some time to find the right fabrics.

Here is a picture showing the complete top:

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