13 March 2008

Blue Bargello step 2

The deciotion is made. I started cutting the panels 30 strips long. (In my previous post I was not sure about size.) It was too tempting to move on with this quilt.

Today the two first panels are cut and sewn back together. I am really happy with the yellow and orange accent - that brings a lot of life to the quilt. Overlooking my blue reserves of fabric, I'm planning to go orange and yellow on my fourth panel. Basically I have not enough dark blue fabric left!

Well, in making this quilt I design as I go. It feels a bit exiting, not knowing the final result. Next step will be rearranging the 3rd panel and see if I can dig out enough orange and yellow to make up the 4th.

1 comment:

lil said...

Marit, you're right, think the yellow and orange just add the needed kick, looks really pretty up to now