14 March 2008

Bargello update

Today I put together the 3.rd panel. I have to say I love the process of making a bargello and am already thinking / planning other colorcombinations and fabricgroups. There is this urge to see what happens when you slice and spread the panel out. Maybe I am a bit crazy - bitten by the bargello bug?

Next panel is the last one. I am considering waiting and bying more blue fabric. Or should I go bold and orange?

Easter is around the corner. An important Easter tradition in Norway is to go skiing and then sit down outside in the snow and eat your orange that you brought along. So maybe the need for orange is connected to a lot of memories of childhood Easter holidays? The blue colors certainly speak to me of a winter landscape with rays of sunlight.

I also want to say thank you for taking the time to leave comments on my blog. I really appreciate the feedback. Sometimes I am a bit confused about how to respond though. Maybe I am still a bit new to this, but I would really like some feedback if you have found a good solution on how to respond properly to shorter and longer comments. I did read a comment by Lil about this issue here, and it really hit me that I am not alone in finding this a bit puzzeling.


Teresa said...

Looking good!!

I am not sure what you mean by how to respond to comments. I usually just go to that persons blog and leave a comment there. I do get emails though, but for some reason every time I try to send an email to someone I get a pop3 error message. I must need to reset something on my computer.

Marit said...

Hello Teresa and thank you so much for your reply--
I guess my main concern is when a reader of my blog (like yourself) leaves a comment to one of my posts, I always like to give feedback to the comment the reader left(kind of like a virtual conversation) but I was concerned that if I replied to THEIR comment, how would they view it other than visiting my blog again? Your idea is brilliant; just post my reply on the reader's blog!

kirsty said...

Wow! I love this quilt! The colours are just beautiful. I have made the same quilt but as a scrap quilt with no set colour scheme (I don't have a photo -it's too big and heavy to photograph easily).

Kathy Wagner said...

Great bargello quilt!