16 March 2008

Bargello top with 4 panels

Sunny Sunday. Stitched up, cut up and stiched back together the 4.th panel of the bargello quilt.

I do love the colors. Ended up with half and half blue and orange on the last panel. I think I will leave it for some days before i put on a frame/ border. This was such a fun top to put together.
I think this is such a versitile design that can be used in so many ways. Showing of bold prints is only one of them. It is an exellent design to work on contrast in colors. It was even easy to sew.


Diana said...

I love how this is finishing up. The orange just sets off the blue so well. Or is it that the blue sets off the orange?

Teresa said...

Yum..those oranges look good and so does your quilt. Great job!

Alycia said...

I like how that finished up. The bright colors are very neat! Hope it was fun to make!