23 March 2008

split 9 patch - step 2

This is the first time i have tried photocopying on fabric sheets. Great for making quilt labels!

Remember these from earlier post? They are still waiting to be added to the top....

This is why I call my quilt "split 9 patches". I started with 7.5" squares. After sewing them into 9 patches I had to trim away some.... The patch measures 9" when it is put into the top.

All the split 9 patches with sashing. Waiting for border and pinwheels. I wasn't after putting the top together. The colors didn't really shine. So I ripped up and replased 4 of the bigger patches with more yellow fabric. It made the difference I think. Funny how undoing and redoing can seem like a huge task. When I finally got around to it it wasn't that bad.


Teresa said...

We call that split nine patch a 9 to 4 block, take one nine patch and cut it into 4 blocks. Our club has made a bunch of these for quilts of valor, but yours is the first I have seen with sashing - that really is a nice touch.

Jennifer said...

Ooooo, the pic above with your cat laying on the quilt is so gorgeous!

Binky said...

I'm falling in love with your little fuzzy housemates, Marit! What are their names?

If you want, you can take a look at my blog:
I've got some pictures of our cats there.

I am Just One Mom said...

love your confession of switching out fabrics in the middle of a quilt. I feel your pain! Ripping out with a purpose.
Love your quilts.