02 March 2008

a little signature block

One of the nice ladies in my guild is going to move, to Houston, Texas. We are having a little farewell breakfast and giving her a signed block each for her to make a little quilt from. Her name is Monica B. She ia a very talented and experienced quilter, who have moved around with her DH and sons for years and years. So I got this little challenge on saturday: colors are moss and vanilla, size 6", and signature embroided onto the block.

Hmmm, Friendship Star? Album blokcs? Last night, after going to bed I got an idea, and here it is (still without my signature)

The letter M, for her and my name. The slightly crocked "Flying Geese", suggesting a move, and a freequent flyer....

Happy with how the block turned out. This is my first attempt at an Album block. It is designed using EQ6, and paper foundation pieced. The sweet Mars (we just found out she's a she, still like the name...) is happy to pose with it. (I need to make her a little catquilt one of these days)
I hope Monica B likes it, she is such a sweet person, sad thing she is moving...

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Nice idea. I just love signature quilts and enjoy doing signature block swaps. I am sure she will be thrilled! Cute kitty, too!