05 March 2008

spring feelings and snow

Have started working on the 4SQS quilt. It is difficult to make something for a person you don't know, who lives far away and in a different climate. What is spring like there? I have tried to sneek peek into her blog to get good clues of what she might like. Hmmm - that didn't give to many hints.

I'll have to trust that making something I like myself and taking care with color, piecing and quilting - will be good enough. So, here is my "prototype", my scetch in fabric. No, this is not it .... her color requests are a little different. But, it's close. In a way.... Am I teasing you? Hmmm not sure how much, and how early I'm supposed to blog about this quilt.

We had some snow today. That seldom last long in this mild climate along the coast. My kitties tried their first walk in snow today. Just as good - a few hours later it started raining... Is it spring yet?

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Binky said...

Adorable pictures of your kitties! Did Greg take those or did you?