16 November 2009

wip's and a new start

I am making progress on my Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness Quilt. The center is sewn together and the 9 patches are ready to be sewed into borders:

The Heather Ross hexagons are progressing steadily:

And over the weekend I have had a chance to play with a new quilt top:

These have been "maturing" in my stash for some time, now: a bit of Amy Butler, Ana Maria Horner and Heather Bailey. I have been looking for a pattern to showcase them, and considering at least three different options (two of them are patterns I have purcased).

Back and forth and all over again.

Do you sometimes think that your fabric is so pretty and precious that you hesitate cutting into it? I was feeling a bit paralyzed about these fabrics, and it was starting to annoy me a bit. Quilting is supposed to be fun, isn't it? I wanted to make something, and I decided to just do it. Design as you go.

I made a sketch of a design and choose fabrics ranging from dark to light within my palette. First I cut 6" strips across the with of fabric. Then I divided the fabrics in two groups. The big patterned was subcut into 4.5" + 1.5". The other fabrics were cut into 2.5" + 2.5" + 1.0".
I put the batting up on my wall and started playing.

Next step i "randomly" cut the bold pattern strings into shorter pieces, then organized the strips into 4 groups on the batting. Playing with design and contrast. Playing with asymmetry. It was fun and liberating.

After a bit of playing, I was happy with the layout. And had a lot of 2.5" strips left over... Well, thats a home made jelly roll to be used for my next design, right?

Next day I started sewing the strips. Going with my first layout. Making a few adjustments. It felt good to go with my instincts....

Here is a little peek:

Love the colors! Thinking about the next step of the design...

Have a good week, and dream some quilty dreams, too!


Andi said...

Such lovely stitching Marit.
Yes, I do sometimes hesitate to cut into my precious fabrics.
Funny isn't it!!
But I know we're not alone in this madness.
Andi :-)

Katy said...

well, both Andi and you find it tough...and I third that sentiment - I have a lot of fabrics I can't bear to cut, which annoys me no end!!!

I think I know where you're going with the new WIP, and if it's what I think it's going to be beautiful!!!

Kathie said...

lots of great things going on in your sewing room!
Love the kaffe quilt wow!!!!!
I am just loving all these gfg blocks I am seeing in blogland, guess I have to give in and start making them too
good luck with the new project!

Quiltefia said...

Hei!! Alt du gjør blir så fint!! Jeg er imponert!!Kaffe-quilten blir fantastisk!! Jeg skjønner så godt det med å ikke ha hjerte til å kutte i stoffene.... Men må man så må man!! Jeg har funnet to fantastiske bøker, Material Obsession, 1 og 2!! Får begge på Amazon for under prisen av en!! i q-butikk. Og da var den på fransk.. Men det skulle ikke forundre meg om du ikke allerede kjenner til dem..... Hilsen AnneK:-)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, golly, Marit, these are all gorgeous!

And yes. I have fabric that is too precious to cut into. And yet once I actually do it, I never feel regret.

Exuberant Color said...

Oh, I LOVE your diagonal madness!! It is one that is on my list to make too. Your fabric choices are perfect.

Mary said...

wow, your Kaffe quilt is gorgeous! I also like the design that you are creating. Nice.

machen und tun said...

the new quilt peek looks so very promising, can´t wait!! and gorgeous work on the fasset-quilt..

GloJoeSews said...

As always--I'm in awe of your beautiful work! The colors, the designs--just lovely. Ur truly an inspiration!

GARI said...

All three of your current projects are beautiful. Your Kaffe is so bright and wonderful and I love your "design as you go" project.

Allie said...

Your Kaffe is just fabulous!!!!! And I really love those other fabrics - yes, I have lots I don't want to cut!

MichelleB said...

I love everything! I can hardly wait to see how that blue quilt turns out.

I also have trouble cutting into certain fabric - which annoys me, as well. I need to just do it!

corry said...

What a bright and colorful quilt that is. I love the nine patches for the border.

Sharon said...

Your Kaffe quilt is gorgeous - love your color choices. And your improv quilt is lookin' good - also wonderful fabric/color choices!

Yes, some fabrics are almost too precious to use. But I've discovered that it's much more fun to look at that fabric in a quilt than on a shelf!

Merete said...

Quilten med Kaffe-stoffene blir nydelig. Jeg har og liggende stoff til et teppe fra en annen bok, jeg synes fargene og mønstrene ipå hans stoffer er helt utrolig flotte. GLeder meg til å sette igang! Flott blogg med mange fine arbeider:o)

Pippilotta said...


I love the wonderful bright colors of your quilts.

Thank you for sharing.

I love your hexagons.


The Quilt Buddy said...

I have just landed on your blog and I am in love! Everything is so inspiring. I love all of your color choices!

Yes, I also have a fear of cutting up my fabric! Especially my jelly rolls! I am always afraid that I will regret it later.

Thanks for sharing.

wishes, true and kind said...

So much eye candy!!! First, I LOVE your diagonal madness quilt. Just GORGEOUS! Then the Heather Ross hexagons and BEAUTIFUL AMH, Heather Bailey, and Amy Butler fabrics! Fabulous! It's like all my favorite things in one blog! My head may explode!

Sonja♥ said...

I LOVE your diagonal madness quilt!!!
Good luck:)