10 January 2010


Three small quilts for the table, with their selected bindings. The two first ones are stripes, a favorite choice of mine for bindings. I just made a order of stripes on the end of the year sales, still not here... You can never have to many stripes, can you?
The last quilt has a solid for binding. The colors are indigo, so nice and deep the binding doesn't show up on the picture.

I have been telling myself to "journal" a bit more on how I do things:

Binding: The binding is cut at 1.25", sewn on the front using my guided 1/4" foot, and then folded double to the back and stitched down by hand. This makes a nice and slim binding.

From left to right:

A little table-topper 13" * 18" made from leftovers from this quilt top, using a Amy Butler FQ as backing, and Hobbs 80/20 cotton/ poly for batting. It's quilted in small scale meandering, and it turned out a bit stiff. Not washed yet.

Another small table-topper 14" * 27" made from a charm pack: 1974 and 2" english paper piecing cut templates. It is sewn by hand and quilted by hand. I used the Hobbs 80/20 for batting. This one is so much softer than the above one. Not washed yet.

The third one is 17" * 46" made from 4 pieces of beautiful woven japanese (ikat?) indigo fabric, purchased at a speciality store at a quilt show in Seattle. It is a two sided quilt (intended to be used on both sides). The "batting" is an experiment, very loose woven cotton (not sure what it is called in english). It is both hand-quilted and machine-quilted with straight lines, and drapes beautifully and soft over the edge of the coffee table. Not washed yet.

Still winter around here. My sweet cat has been staying indoors for weeks now, keeping an eye on me...

Happy sewing!


Clare said...

Agree with you. You can never have enough stripes :-)

Mrs Moen said...

They look great! You take the most amazing pictures of your cats!

Deborah said...

Lovely fabric and fabulous cat!

Kathie said...

I love using stripes for bindings, great choices you made
I also like cutting them on the bias, you use more fabric but I love the look sometimes
ps love the kittie picture, too cute!

Katy said...

stripes are perfect for bindings, and I love gingham checks too.

I am a big fan of hobbs 80/20. It can go quite stiff when heavily quilted, but I have found it drapes really well with 'big' quilts. I look forward to hearing how you think it turns out too!

Allie said...

Gorgeous fabrics! Wow you cut your binding thin....not sure I could turn that with the arthritis in my hands. Kitty looks so sweet!

Sharon said...

I'm with you on the stripes, and I like plaids too. Also cut on the bias too. They add a nice spark to the quilt.

What a great photo of your kitty!

nicolette said...

Great projects made of gorgeous fabrics!

The picture of your cat is fantabulous!

Meg said...

Love the fabric combinations! I also like hearing about the details of how you do things and the materials you choose.

Ravenhill said...

I love it! The cat is marvelous and looking at all of your marvelous projects makes me want to get busy!!!

Janet said...

You cat is helping. I love the fabrics in your quilt. I adore stripes, I always look out for them and spots too.

KateKwiltz said...

Great cat picture!

I LOVE strips for binding! I'd do them all that way if it would work!