04 January 2011

a small gift

This is the first finish of 2011. A 4.5" coaster, heading for the Tokyo Quilt Festival.
I have joined with Ayumi's group to make a set of coasters for the fabric artist and quilter Suzuko Koseki. I was assigned the letter "u".

My first encounter with Suzuko was through Penny's quilt-as-you-go quilt-along. I enjoyed this qayg technique so much, and purchased her lovely book.

My coaster doesn't use any of Suzuki Koseki's lovely fabric (haven't got a stash - yet). Inspired by her qayg technique I adapted it into building the letter u.

The back is a sweet print for a coaster, I think.

It's a small gift on it's own, but I think it will be lovely as a part of the whole set. Looking forward to hear from Ayumi's about meeting with Suzuko and presenting her the gift.


Stephanie said...

Cute as can be and I love the backing fabric.

Mrs Moen said...

It's beautiful, Marit. Happy New Year, hope it will be as enjoyable and productive as 2010.-)

Nifty Quilts said...

Really neat! A great addition to the coaster collection.