06 July 2011

wip wednesday

... reclaiming some hst from a box in the closet
... pastels for summer
... easy sewing

; )


nicolette said...

Those pretty hst are just waiting in a box in the closet? Wow! Love the allongated zig-zags!

summerfete said...

Lovely Marit, I have a pink and white zigzag to quilt next.

My best friend as a child was half Norwegian, so I was heavily influenced by scandinavian style form a young age.

Even visiting Norway with her family, my first trip abroad!

Loving all your projects.


Mary said...

Love the Zig and the Zag!

Nina Lise Moen said...

I am sure those triangles are happy to be out of the closet, Marit! They look lovely on your wall!

Andi said...


Quilter Kathy said...

Very fun and fresh for summer!

Kathie said...

so pretty and yes so summery!
good for you using what you have to make such a beautiful quilt