15 May 2013

wednesday wip

In the end there was no choice, I had to have a go at Katy Jones popular pattern "scrap vomit". I think scrap archives would also be a fitting name. Seeing so many and so diverse fabric come together in the same quilt. I have included some of my oldest purchases, some of my newest, some gifted to me by friends and some swapped. 

My quilt will have 1225 simple 2.5" squares. The nifty sizzix machine with the right die comes in handy, here. But my own scrap system also heavily leans towards these cute squares. A quarter of a charm square. The end of a jelly roll. Extras from a bargello block, a 16 patch and so on. Over time they do collect. For this quilt I also had a proper look and slim down of my scraps. The ones I keep in smaller boxes, sorted by color. My scrap organizing system builds on inspiration from Bonnie K Hunter, Amanda Jean and Cheryl. So far I have been making popular patterns from several designers out of the 2.5" squares and the small scrap boxes:

Bonnie K Hunters / Gwen Marston Maverick stars ( two finished lap quilts)
Emily Ciers Scrap Hoover (top)
Jolene's Granny Square (finished quilt)
Elizabet's Tokyo Subway Map (wip / top)
Amanda Jean and Cheryl's Scrappers delight (wip) and The Missing U (wip)

and now:

Katy Jones Scrap Vomit (wip becoming a top)

A few of these wips are in a state of arrested development due to a shortage in scraps! I will consider this a success. A few years of quilting does produce quite a bit of scraps. As some of you may have noticed I happen to love the scrappy kind of quilts. And now there's room for more. I think it's time to turn to the stash and cut into some yardage and FQ, soon...

This latest adventure, my scrap vomit wip has been named emerald city. I do enjoy making it. The most difficult thing, so far, has been to choose the central cross colors. In the end I went with emerald, by pantone named color of the year 2013. 

"Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is important in today's complex world." quote from Pantone

A bit uncharacteristic for my taste in colors, I really love how well the emerald contrasts with the colors of all the other pieces in there. 

A scrappy greeting from me. Somewhat quiet these days on the blog. But still piecing my life together, bit by bit... Happy stitching!


Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful! It's a scrap diary of your quilt travels. I love your use of green, black and white--so crisp and fresh. That quilt is also on my "someday" list. Did you know that Seattle has taken on the name, "Emerald City?" I hope this quilt will spark an opportunity for you to visit again soon! I would be happy to send some squares if you'd like them.

MamaT said...

Wow! I really like that! Are the squares 7 x7? The green and black really pop!

Venus de Hilo said...

Love the emerald for this block.

I've got a "scrap vomit" going as a leaders/enders project. It's so fun to use up those odds and ends of 2.5" squares. Great pattern, worst name ever.

BTW: I've been following for a while and those kitties in your banner still crack me up every time I see them! So cute.

Charlotte said...

it's fabulous, and I think I can see little bits from our swap!

Anonymous said...

I just sent off two shopping bags packed full of scraps to an artist who is doing a summer camp with kids on a reservation. I wish they could see what you've done! I l-o-v-e that title! Take care, Byrd

Lynne said...

Those emerald green blocks certainly are striking!

Tonya Ricucci said...

love the scrap vomit! so fun to see closeups of your fabric. really cute!

Carla said...

2.5 inch squares are my favorite scrap saver size as well....so handy! Great idea to use emerald for the cross!

Franziska said...

so many squares! Have fun!