16 January 2011

make a boob ...

This week I have made a few "boobs" for Nina Lise aka Mrs Moen. Maybe you have heard about her breast cancer project? This is a short introduction from her Make a Boob blog:

Make a Boob is a project about breast cancer.
The project has two mail goals:
offering people with breast cancer to participate in workshops where we decorate boobs. These workshops are set up in co-operation with the local chapter of the Cancer Association. Participants can decide to keep their work or to donate them to Make a Boob Art.
to create awareness and involvement through
- making circles for workshops
- participating in workshops and decorating boobs
- exhibition of Make a Boob Art

She invites us all to participate. Stop by her blog for more information.

I used some colorful old ufo's, hoping they will have a future as part of a bigger picture.

Wish you all a lovely week!


nicolette said...

Those are wonderful boobs Marit and so many!

I hope to make some this week too!stlitie

liz said...

Yes. Very many bright and happy boobs.I wish this project great success.

Katy said...

what lovely boobs you have, Marit!!! (well, I never thought I'd say that!)

Mrs Moen said...

Oh my goodness, these are amazing, Marit! I can't wait to see them in the flesh!!