23 January 2010

more options - sketching with my camera

Thank you for all your feedback on my layout options for the hourglass blocks!
I split my blocks into two quilt tops and made both the frame and the on point version. I used Kona Snow for both quilts.

Looking trough my wip/ufo's I found more 5" charm packs. Some are made into half square triangles (hst). So I put them up on the design wall. The picture above is also from the lines of American Jane. I love this layout and plan to make a top using the blue, green, yellow and orange charms I have left.

Also stashed away I found these hst made from Urban Chicks Swell collection. I might expand a bit on these and have enough blocks for a small quilt.

Deciding to keep the color red out of the quilt in the first picture, I started to make a pile of all the red charms from all my 30's charm packs. Using a checkerboard layout I put them up on the wall, only to find out there's enough for this 9 by 12 layout (40" * 54"). I like the "vintage" look of this one!

I have made several quilts using charm packs. They give you a large selection of fabric without taking up a lot of storage. And a bit of a challenge to find different ways of using 5" squares.

So far I have cut them in two halves vertically , used them in 2" hexagons, made shooting stars and other stars, square in a square, tumblers, hourglasses and hst (half square triangles). I am planning to use them as plain squares for the red checkerboard (picture above). I am also using them in my oldest ufo, the double wedding ring.

And I'm sure there is more options out there... What's your favorite use of those 5" charms?


Kendra said...

I adore the snippets collection from American Jane and am currently snatching up what i can on ebay . I love the lay outs.

Ann Marie said...

I like the quilt where you've cut the charm squares in half. I've just started making quilt tops with pre-cuts. They are lots of fun.

Allie said...

Wow I love all these - and I really like the red quilt! My favorite way to use charms is to put sashing with them - cuz it's EASY and I'm lazy. *G*

wishes, true and kind said...

I love all your ideas for using charm squares. I have been wanting to use charm squares for a tumbler quilt. I haven't purchased any charm packs, but I'd like to. It seems like a great way to get all or most of the fabrics in favorite fabric lines without the expense of purchasing a fat quarter or half yard of each fabric.

MichelleB said...

Thanks for that run down of all the ways that you've used charm squares! My only suggestion that I haven't seen you do is a pinwheel (whirlygig - whatever).